Business Therapy

You are not alone. We at Popped walked in your shoes. We  know how hard it can be do wear 27 hats all before 10am. Let us share the burden. Tell us your problems and we will listen and suggest solutions using our consultative approach.

Hourly sessions available individually or with small groups.

Project Management

So, you have figured out what to do and now you need to execute it. The problem is you are an expert in your field and  you don't have time to become an expert in Social Media, CRM, email marketing, graphic design, copywriting, e-commerce, SEO and a whole bunch of other acronyms. Let us help you. We have a pool of talent that can execute all of your functions and we can manage these tasks for you.

Graphic Design

Lauren is well versed in traditional graphic design and was trained in traditional print media using "the old-fashioned way" with cropping pencils and paper layouts. She is an expert in publication design with strong skills in collateral, web and social.