| Graphic Design

Left: Past Graphic Design + Copywriting Clients

Scope: Powerpoint, Catalog, Packaging,

Herff Jones | Publisher

Brand Naming • Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Print + Digital Graphic Design
Business Consultation + Coaching
Package Design • Annual Reports
Marketing + Activation • Content Production

NC Plays | Business Creation


NC Plays is a concept North Carolina play space. We came up with their name, grabbed up all of the related URLs and social accounts. We reviewed and upgraded their business plan, set up email and a landing page. We even filled out the paperwork for their LLC. Is there anything we can't do? Sigh, more than a few things! But, we are awesome at this!

Brand Naming • Brand Identity • Brand Strategy
Print + Digital Graphic Design
Business Consultation + Coaching
Package Design • Annual Reports
Marketing + Activation • Content Production

Co Ba Cooks | Product Development


Co Ba Cooks is the brainchild of Viatnemese-French chef Thu Huong Ho. Thu Huong wanted to take her homemade pickles commercial. Her Vietnamese flavor profile will set out to disrupt this industry. Popped designed packaging for pickles, worked as a brand ambassador from the kitchen to the front of house all of the places in between.

Bad Mommies | eMail Installation


Bad Mommy Edibles was keeping her email addresses in an excel list - eek! Popped quickly imported those virtual gold nuggets into MailChimp and created an HTML email for a signature "Potluxe" event. Popped initialized events for this invitations using Eventbrite, Facebook, and email - integrating them seamlessly. We also negotiated a no-cost venue for the client.

Popped | Pop-Up Retail Experience

Popped Halloween

We can't leave ourselves out. Remember when we created a Pop-Up store of LES made arts and crafts. That was pretty rad!

Justin Tees | eCommerce, SEO + SEM

Justin Tees

Justin is an 8-year old who loves to draw buildings and trains. He also struggles with Autism. Popped helped Justin launch his line of tees from updating the graphics to work in silkscreen to creating social accounts and creating an e-commerce avenue for his brand. Justin's brand aims to create a stream of revenue that he can build to be financially independent in a society that is difficult to navigate for persons living with disabilities. Justin gives a portion of proceeds to autism related charities.

Evan4sh | eCommerce, SEO + SEM

Email template, Email List Management, Letterhead, Business Forms, Business Cards

Evan4sh is a New York based cartoonist best known for his cartoons in "The New Yorker" magazine. Evan needed a content calendar to organize his posting across all media. He looked to Popped for a schedule chock full of ideas for implementation. We launched a weekly e-mail with cartoons, paid ads on Google, Yelp and Facebook plus worked to improve his organic ranking. Ultimately we redesigned Evan's website into an e-commerce site featured products we sourced using his artwork. Lastly, we helped Evan develop a teaching practice where he offered private and small group sessions to budding artists.