Lauren Forsch


Lauren wanted to be a writer from elementary school all the way through high school and college, until she found graphic design. She worked in various positions in publishing and printing from advertising, writing, design, project management and ultimately sales. After a while she realized she wanted more out of her career, a way to work with small businesses, and a way to promote artists who had amazing ability but were largely unknown due to a lack of business acumen.

How it Began

Lauren founded Popped in 2015 while looking for a way to uplift and monetize the artists in her community. Over 100 artists participated in her pop-up shop. She quickly learned that artists needed much more than shelf space to launch their brands. She offered to help some of her favorites with some of the things she learned from launching projects in other parts of her career.

There were so many decisions to make: Which web hosting? What social media? Where do I spend my ad dollars? What email marketing should I use? How and when do I send an email marketing campaign? I don’t have time to do all of this stuff!!! AAck, throws arms up in defeat.

Professional History

Find out more about Lauren's background and connect with her on LinkedIn.

It's Personal

Lauren and her partners are highly accomplished individuals who are nice people and care about the little guy. We are parents and children, brothers and sisters, and pet owners. We are creative and serious and irreverent and committed to helping your brand grow.