About Us

It's Personal

Lauren and her partners are highly accomplished individuals who just so happen to also be nice people who care about small businesses. We are creative and serious and irreverent and committed to helping your brand grow. When we first started our business there were so many decisions to make: What is my brand? Who is my audience? What is my budget? What is my aesthetic? Which web hosting? What social media? Where do I spend my ad dollars? What email marketing should I use? How and when do I send an email marketing campaign? We learned all that and can help you implement it so you can focus on what you do best. 


Lauren Forsch


Lauren wanted to be a writer, until she found graphic design. She worked in various positions in publishing and printing from advertising, writing, design, project management and ultimately sales. After a while she realized she wanted more out of her career, a way to work with small and mid-size businesses.

Professional History

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